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Welcome Friends

This website is now a memorial to Timmy "Timbo" Geminden. It began in December of 2001 when Timmy was diagnosed with a children's cancer called neuroblastoma. The site was designed to keep everyone informed on Timmy's progress and recovery. Sadly Timbo passed away on January 11th, 2006. We miss you Timmy, but know that you are now our angel in heaven.

To read a Special message from the Gemindens click HERE.

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by Danna Hopson

I'm your big brother
The one who's always there
But because I never met you
You may not know how much I care
God called me to his kingdom
Before I was even seven
Now I'm watching you grow and play
From way up here in heaven
For my baby sister
I prayed night after night
What a blessing you were to our family
When God's timing was just right
You give Mom and Dad courage
You help them to stay strong
You give them a reason to keep going
When their days seem way too long
And even when you don't know it
And no one else can see
I'm always by your side
It's always you and me

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to see NEW photos of Timbo's baby sister Maddie.

Tamela Like